Weekend Inspiration



Micah 5 verse 4 to 5

‘He will stand and shepherd his flock – in the strength of the Lord,

In the majesty of the name of the Lord his God – and they will live securely –

for then his greatness will reach to the ends of the earth AND he will be their peace.’

Such promises, of greatness, strength, majestic of name, these will live securely in surety that will be their peace until the end of the earth. This verse packs a punch of continuous guarantees in faith. If this one section of the Bible reaches your heart and saturates you in peace, you will be blessed. For many of us seeking peace is a lifelong experience and takes many forms of gaining freedom from being bound by fretting, worrying, and questioning trust in your Lord’s fulfilling outcomes for all the life corners you turn.

How do we re-act when we endure trials, loss and rejection that cause us to feel the razors of life without the promises of peace and stillness God grants us. How do we come to the point of surrendering all to HIS enduring peace?

HE hears our prayers of sorrow and doubt and responds in merciful wisdom and understanding when we surrender our expectations of doubt and fears to set us free.

WHEN WE RELEASE them totally to God and LET GO, the peace will overcome and restore. WHEN your decisions, your lifestyle, your trust that you and yours will be protected, forgiven and wholly loved, you will absorb the peace and be uplifted but FREE.

LET it all go and tenderly hear, listen to and receive HIS blessings and the strength of faith and total trust will abide in your heart.

SEEK PEACE from your heart and rejoice and LET GO, LET GOD!


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