Faith In Action – His Hands And Feet

I’ve learned to start expecting the unexpected, especially every night I go to work in my taxi, where I get to see the most unexpected blessings. Each night when I set out I don’t know where I’ll be going to, nor who I’ll get to meet. But I do know Our Lord and Our Friend will lead me where He wants me to go and who he wants me to meet. A divine encounter.

It is not as though I am on witnessing steroids or something, nor am I militant about my beliefs. I only share when I believe there is an opening to share. The Pearl of Great Price is too precious to be trampled under the emptiness of this world.

It is a joy to share.

It was over the last week I had the privilege to share with a young lady. I met Emily after her brother haled my taxi, he was quite adamant that I should take good care of his younger sister. Emily was a very confused young lady, she seemed to be going through a crisis in confidence in her life and had at one point tried to end it.

I shared my thoughts on a God that loves both of us. She told me she was thinking of going to a certain church because of the music.  I gave out our ministry card and reassured her that she should go to that church, that she would be welcomed and they would be a great encouragement to her. Emily thanked me for listening to her as she left and thank me for the encouragement to go to church.

Later that night I was to meet Peter, Peter had been at a wake after a mates funeral. His mate was killed bizarrely in a car crash. Peter was visually upset, we talked about a faith in God, which Peter said he had. Again I used our ministry card “If it matters to you it matters to Him” to encourage him. As he was leaving he thanked me and said “I believe I was meant to meet you.”

Later that night I was to take yet another young man home who had been at the same funeral. I again had the privilege to share with him at a time in his life when he was hurting.

I want to state I don’t share for the sake of sharing I share at His leading. He is an awesome Lord and Friend, and knows the needs we need met when we need them.

God Bless.


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