Insights Into ‘Isaiah ‘


Isaiah predicts imminent Judgement, but eventual restoration.

God’s people are in trouble, and it is their own fault. God keeps inviting them to know Him and be loved by Him, but the repeatedly give their love to idols. But God will not give up on them.

God speaks to His people in Judah through the prophet Isaiah during the reign of several kings

The Assyrian empire is in full power, and the smaller nations near Judah are heading into panic, making alliances to try to save themselves. But God tell Judah through Isaiah, ‘Do not make any alliances’.

A matter of trust, we as God’s people still need today. Do not trust in human beings, trust in God alone. Assyria and all the other nations will fall, God will see to that.

Eighteen years into Isaiah ministry the northern Kingdom of Israel falls to Assyria, and at the end of Isiah life, Assyria surrounds Jerusalem, but God turns them away without a single arrow being shot. Just like God had promises He would.

Reading from Isaiah 49: God gives Isaiah pictures of events beyond his lifetime. God foretells that a nonresistant Empire at the time Babylon, will take Judah captive, and then He will speak to the exiles, whom will eventually return. God in His all knowing even names the foreign king, Cyrus, who will free them>

Threaded and woven through these later messages are insights God gives to Isaiah about the more distant future.This at the time was God speaking about the exiles’ salvation from Babylon. But God is also speaking about His ultimate salvation, the servant Who would come and heal the world with His wounds,

As He speaks about Jerusalem restoration, He speaks about the whole world’s restoration, new heaven and new earth,

God’s people may have short term darkness, in this world, But God will continue to work through Human history to make sure that any ‘Whosoever’ {John 3 Verse !6} would be forever home with Him

God Bless.


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