Weekend Inspiration



Although Jacob was left with a painful hip, in a way he was being taught a triumph of his spirit searching heart. His life was changed and charged. In Psalm 4, God

declares, ‘Sons of men, will you forever turn my glory into shame by worshiping silly idols when every claim made for them is false?’

Verse 3; Mark this well; ‘The Lord has set apart the redeemed for himself.’

4. Therefore, stand before the Lord in awe and do not sin against him. Lie quietly upon your bed in silent meditation. Put your trust in the Lord and offer him pleasing sacrifices.’

Jacob suffered pain in his redemption but God offers rejoicing, trust, joy in the seeking heart and a quiet spirit without upsets. Disturbances and anger will depart as will apprehension and gloom. Seek instead, a wise and discerning attitude with listening ears. Seek the inner wisdom of spiritual answers, commune in silence believing that you will be blessed by heavenly knowledge. Be still in the love circle that is beyond all grief, suffering and pain. His presence is with you in your solitary aloneness, just hold his outstretched hands and he will answer and respond to your soul.

Be Blessed


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