Insights Into ‘1 Thessalonians ‘


The Apostle Paul praises the Thessalonians believers for their spiritual maturity and perseverance and encouraged them to continue to grow.

Paul spend a short time in Thessalonica after his release from prison in Phillipi. Paul does some work there while making tents, and also teaches the believers about God and His kingdom. Through this teaching God’s Spirit does a tremendous work.

Many people in the city turn from the Greek and Roman idol-Gods, this is a complete change in lifestyles since their culture centers around worshiping certain gods to take ca them re of particular needs.But God moving by His Spirit stirs the hearts of the people and many people chose to follow Him.

But certain people took offense, and enraged Jews force Paul to leave the city, so Paul later sends Timothy back to check on the people there.

Timothy rejoins Paul in Corinth and gives a wonderful report. Even though the new believers are facing persecution, for leaving Idol-worship, they are following The Lord faithfully.

The people do have a few question, so God prompts Paul to write them a letter. Paul writes to encourage them, Paul feels like a parent to them. The stories he is hearing back from Thessalonica about their perseverance and faith inspires other believers.

The questions the Thessalonians have is about, ‘will the believers who have already died miss the return of Christ Jesus ’ Paul answers that question reassuring them of the wonderful resurrection life in Christ Jesus.

At the fall with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, death entered the human race. But Jesus broke the curse of death, and he promises that He will come back for everyone who belongs to Him.

Death does not have the final say, Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Savior wins and we will be with Him forever.

God Bless.


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