Insights Into ‘Habakkuk’


  1. The Prophet Habakkuk argues with God. I bet we have all done that to some extent, thinking we know better. Habakkuk argues with God about His ways which appear to him unfathomable. if not unjust. After receiving replies from God Habakkuk responds with a wonderful confession of faith.

    As God’s people turn away from Him, God calls on a number of prophets to deliver His message of complaints  against them. Well what do you know? this time Habakkuk has a complaint against God.

    Like Jeremiah, Habakkuk lives in Judah just before Jerusalem’s downfall. Nothing seams to have changed over the years. awful  things and atrocities are all around. The wicked are prospering, the righteous are being pushed aside. And God is allowing this all to happen.

    Thus Habakkuk question as he saw the situation, why is God allowing this to happen. Like Habakkuk I am sure when we look around we are all questioning God the same.

    God understands Habakkuk’s heart as He does ours. His people are not just troubling Him but even sickening Him too. God tells Habakkuk, what He is going to do {1 v5} “Be utterly astounded”.

    Message for us “Be Utterly astounded by God and all His Awesomeness”

    Habakkuk get more and more perplexed. How can God use something more evil to fix the evil of His people, Habakkuk questioned, ‘Where is the Justice in that”

    God does honor Habakkuk, by giving Him a response,  that he sees all evil and all evil will be dealt with in God’s time. God’s answer helps Habakkuk understand. and Habakkuk writes a song of praise.

    The words Habakkuk are right. God is complete control over everything in the universe. God and His Plans are good.

    We all need to trust Him more in the plans Our Lord nd Our Friend has for all our lives.

    God Bless


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