Weekend Inspiration



The sound of riverbed stones surging in fast flowing tide

so sprays wild, wet winds in a rush toward other lands to seek a lagoon of still water, of quiet pools to rest in refuge from a turmoil of flowing haste.

In contrast to the fever that ripples across souls

who live life to the limits of fast tracks,

not paying attention to the timeless tolls

of festering through memories and so lack

gentle caring of one as loved by a heart so whole,

become like stillness in a stone of withered hopes,

washed by indifference, by solitary knots as in ropes.

We are like the surges of river stones rushing fast,

surging and swift to reach life’s tranquil peace,

to sink in the sands of silence of the quiet, so deep at last

where alone, we lie in the Lord’s release from our pasts,

of our trials, troubles and tears that HE will nurture and cease.

Despite the surging of fast flowing tides we will not fear,

as to the still refuge of a serene lagoon pool he will carry us all.

If only we can reach that centre pool of inner calm, his will to hear

and bless is forever ours, in every hour he leans toward our loving call.

From the rush of river water stones, to the lagoon of love’s sanctuary

He awaits us there.

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