Weekend Inspiration



What does hope mean to someone contemplating suicide, to an abused teenager,

to grieving parents at the loss of their first baby, to parents of drug addicted teens or who are sent to gaol. The homeless family, abandoned children of alcoholics or all who live unstable, fractured lives and isolated from society? Where can they find HOPE? How to confront and comfort the hopelessness of poverty, depression, despairing situations without hope and unable to believe that life will change? How to hope in the hopelessness?

As acting Christians do we invest in prayer to combat hopeless times and human tragedies? Are we believing, that the Lord hears our heart cries of grief that our prayers will be transformed and answered in the power of his love? God has the answer to our questions but what are we doing on behalf of HIM?

HOPE is a process of faith, of belief in the strength to release and to ‘expect’. It is being able to dwell in his intercession on our behalf but also to cope with the reality, or possible pain of ‘Letting Go’. Future changes may not seem as we would bring them but to accept and persist in God’s love for you and yours. His answers may not be of your expectations but are of the unfailing spirit of his love. There may be unrealistic actions involved but with faith and hope the change in lives will be God ordained.

These may be shared weeping within a prayer group where we each release former disclosures of our own past pain to receive the healing balm of Jesus’s love. It may be a balm of praise. It may be a truth to be faced, it could be a reconciliation, a power wrapped in forgiveness, a rejection of self-sin or a past wrong-doing but it will never be the death of HOPE!

Like a jigsaw- pieces of a puzzle that will fit together of blessing and understanding that God will reveal to your heart, large or small but will instill the freedom of hope renewed.

Do you still carry pain, loss, abandonment or rejection? Are you able to seek and share prayer with another to be set free in peace?

My point is: that to be God’s messengers of hope for hopeless situations you need to be anointed and cleansed to be able to relate to the sorrowing of the hopelessness of God’s souls who live in hurting helplessness. Sometimes your personal struggles that you overcame with your God will be used by him to save another. Live in HOPE and hear the word of the Lord Jesus.

Be Blessed


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