Weekend Inspiration



Have you ever wondered how clothes were washed in the Old Testament days? I expect the washing of clothes was a chore of low priority of not very much of importance. They would absorb the dust of desert winds and smell from heavy sweating. Even bathing would be wherever people were near the banks of rivers or streams. For a while they would feel the urge to wash their bodies and clothes and be cleansed.

Many a long, dirt covered track would they trudge after the crowds departed or just the disciples would fall asleep under trees and stars or shelter in caves wherever they stopped to rest. I rather suspect that hygiene was pretty much a low priority The point here is, how often do we need to cleanse our lives with prayer and hang out the problems with our God?

Do we save up the hurts, the afflictions, difficulties and crisis ’until the washing basket is full? Or do we send the Lord the hard times and sort complexities to confront the dust and dirt daily with Jesus? Do you then release it to the wind of the Holy Spirit to dry?

To receive the blessings in folding to be ironed by worship and affirmation to hang it all on God’s clothes line, a necessity and not a chore. To cleanse away the dross from the body is to rejoice in the purity and freshness of fulfilled prayer.So hang it up on HIS clotheslines of grace in anticipation come rain or shine.LAMENTATIONS 3 Verse 29: “LET HIM BURY HIS FACE IN THE DUST, THERE MAY YET BE HOPE”


Be Blessed.


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