Insights Into ‘Zephaniah’


The prophet Zephaniah predicts the coming of the day of the Lord, when God will severely punish the nations, including apostate Judah, but will yet be merciful to His people.

God’s people think He is inactive, If they do worship of dark gods whom they think controls aspect of his universe. Could be a point about today’s society.

God wants to get peoples attention because, in order to save them, He is about to show them how active and real He truly is. So during the earlier years of Judah’s last good king, King Josiah, he raised up Zephaniah, Zephaniah was a prophet and the grandson of King Hezekiah.

Zephaniah tells God’s people in Judah about the terrible and great day of the Lord. He warns Judah about a day of destruction in the immediate future while at the same time pointing to a day of the Lord, at the end of all days as we know them.

There is coming a day, God tells his people, of terrible disaster. It is a day of darkness and gloom when he is going to destroy all the inhabitants of the earth, with fire. He calls His people to return to Him so they will be sheltered from what is coming.

But the fire will be a purifying one. There will be a remnant. God will cleanse the lips of the nation so they can call on Him. He will bring His people home, make them the honored people of the earth and restore their fortunes.

Once the earth is cleansed and purified of sin {wrong-doing against God}, God will live forever with His people as He always intended.

We can be cleansed from sin, by acknowledging Christ Jesus, as Our Lord , Our Redeemer, and Our Friend. of our lives, John 3 verse 16: Any ‘Whosoever’ can choose to do it.

God Bless.


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