Making Amends To Generate Love

kingdom living


Our family was increased by one adorable baby to a very young daughter many years ago. It was unexpected and received some so called Christian disapproval. The little one entered our lives while the family was experiencing some very traumatic times and lessened our grief and brought great joy to our hearts. I was a grandmother at thirty-nine years of age but this baby grew into the hearts of our family of six.

The added dimension to our days uplifted us and a focus of love in watching her grow extended our days. Because our teens were close in age and had discovered what life in the world could be they were weighing it all up and taking some risks which were of some concern to us as their parents. The little child captivated us all and added to our family strength especially when she giggled which made more efforts on teenage efforts to make her. You can imagine the attempts they made to act like silly clowns just for the sounds of her laughing. Especially as she was plump and her tummy laughed also. She was adored.

One early summer evening, as we returned from work or study, so eager to be with this little girl, we opened the front door to find the rooms wafting emptiness and silence. Her mother had met someone and rather than talk it over, she had moved out and gone, along with her younger sister. Our two sons sat with us and could not eat and we went to bed feeling so lost and almost unbelieving this was not so.

We were unable to pray but hugged before going to bed. It changed us but in time the daughters made amends and contact to reconcile and be a love generated family again. However, situations similar in anguish and adjusting to changes are a part of being stretched in families and especially God’s family.

The Bible is full of family hurts, disappointments, betrayals and deceit but God can turn it all into loving and spiritual learning by generating love within trust to make amends. It is difficult to forgive if we are accused and rejected but the love generated amends are prompted from the Lord, blessings from truths and confrontations done in love release and change our hearts. We become a love generated person and taste like sweet honey in our spirits.

Become like honey.


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