Weekend Inspiration



As Christians and knowing we are loved by the Lord does not mean we will not be humanly exempt from experiences of grief, pain, loss or trauma. Our lives can and often are, filled with sorrow and inexplicable harsh times. Despite these times in our lives and even with the loving support of caring from others, we suffer emotionally keeping our pain inside our hearts. In trying so hard to deal with an event that has changed your life it is in the dark ‘aloneness’ you can feel so bereft of comfort. You ask questions, ‘Why God? What did I/we do wrong or did we? Why did this happen?’ Doubt and mistrust seeps in, blaming yourself and others gather your thoughts and affect your prayers.

In Ezekiel there are passages that show the harshness of strong judgmental views. There is the long way to answering to the Lord’s sovereignty but there is also the insight into his wisdom and compassion.

Perhaps HE wants you to give your pain and hurting to him in surrender and trust in forgiveness and in release, we are told that ‘the word of the Lord came to me’ all through Ezekiel. And so it will be with these gracious words of SHEDDING – RESTORE – COMPASSION- AMENDS – SEARCH YOUR HEART – EVALUATE – ASK God for time to heal in absolute TRUST that he will do so. God craves your honesty for reality so share your heart in all things and seek his voice from scriptures knowing HE will guide you with love and that He knows how you feel in every way, hanging from the cross and bleeding. WHY? To die and share your every pain.



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