Insights Into ‘Luke’


Luke presents Jesus as the Messiah and Lord Whose life, death and resurrection make salvation available to all people everywhere.

Luke the author apparently intended the Gospel not merely for private or church use but to set before a broad literary public the facts of the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ.

A theme emerges from what Luke discovers about Jesus welcomes all people. Jesus heals a Roman centurion’s daughter and a Samaritan leper, both are outside of the nation of Isreal, the family of God.

He hints at His plans to create one new, blended family when he tells a parable of a banquet where the guest who are originally invited choose not to come, so the host opens the party to everyone.

Jesus not only shakes up the religious thinking by interacting with people outside of the family of God; He also shakes it up by spending time with the down and outs and outcasts.

Jesus invites Himself to saty with the crooked tax collector Zaccheaus, and commends the faith of a sinful woman who breathes His feet in perfume and grateful tears.

Jesus forgives the criminal crucified next to Him for a crime so heinous it deserves death. Jesus choices people outcasts and the outcasts choose to be with Him.There is something so welcoming about Jesus that no one is afraid He will turn away. Jesus welcomes them all to come to Him.

The message of the Gospel is God brings rescue through Abraham’s family, but it would not be for Abraham’s family only. Jesus’ rescue is for the whole world.

As we often say, and is so evident in the Gospel of Luke, any ‘Whosoever’ can come, and their lives will be changed, by knowing Christ Jesus, as Lord, Savior and Friend.

God Bless.


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