Just Talking To Myself Lord



My thoughts rattle inside my head as I ponder on things I heard today where the disciples were asked to keep watch because the day and the hour is unknown. The owner may return at any time. Evening, when the rooster crows or at dawn. What I say to everyone is watch! (Mark 13 verse 35).

I imagine me in that situation and thinking, ‘I don’t want to rock the boat. I don’t have time for this. I have to bake because I, as a widow, need to supply two days of unleavened bread for this man Jesus. ‘There is much to do and I am too tired to speak out, too busy and too shy.’

Yet the words she had heard this man say touched her heart. There would be no time even for field workers to go back for their cloaks or climb down from the roof of a house to enter it to remove anything. The widow listened to this man telling others as he said, ‘Many rich people have given large amounts but today, a poor widow came and placed two small copper coins into the treasury than yet others who have given out of their wealth she out of her poverty in everything – gave all she had to live on.’

The widow knew this Jesus had seen her heart and that she was blessed by her sacrificial gesture.

From one extreme example to another he blesses us. From simple and small to massive stone buildings that will not be left, not one, tells Jesus. He advises, ‘Nation will rise against Nation, Kingdom against Kingdom. There will be earthquakes and famine. These are the beginning of birth pains.’

The widow turned away knowing this to be so and rejoiced that she had not been too busy, too tired or too dismissive to receive her blessing from this man Jesus.

So, readers, be on guard and WATCH! Experience Jesus.

Be Blessed


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