Weekend Inspiration



Therefore, the evening came where Jesus arrives with the twelve disciples to partake of a meal ,such as none before or after.

In a quiet moment Jesus spoke, ‘I tell you the truth, one of you will betray me, one who is with us and eating.’ Silence and sadness filled the room and one by one they looked at each other and each said, ‘Surely it is not I?’ Firstly came togetherness. 2. Then sharing a meal. 3. The truth was spoken out by our Lord Jesus ‘It is one if the twelve as one who dips the bread into the bowl with me!’ So did they then all dip their bread in the bowl of oil? Jesus continued, ‘As the son of man will go just as it is written about him (HE KNEW what lay ahead), but woe to that man who betrays him as it would be better if he had not been born.’ The betrayer must have been quaking in his bare feet. There must have been, at that time, a stirring of fear amongst each one of them, especially Judas. As Jesus took bread, gave thanks and said to his unknowing disciples, ‘This is my body and this cup of wine represents my blood.’ All drank from the cup and Jesus, with loving words, asked them to do this as the blood of his covenant but would not do so until the day I will so drink it anew in the kingdom of God.’ The disciples were in turmoil no doubt, while they immersed themselves in what they had absorbed at this supper. They were unaware of the one in their midst who would betray their Jesus. After the meal, they all sang a hymn and went into the Mount of Olives.

Key Words: Truth-a shared meal-warning of a betrayal-it is written—as the son of man HE KNEW his future-a final communion for his disciples-in remembrance of bread and wine and the last supper.


From Lorraine

The milky moon drew shadows across the shredded clouds above all

as weary disciples grew silent at the words their master softly spoke.

Their hearts did tremble, their souls shook, at the soaking of broken bread,

in cups of scented olive oil to stir a little just enough to soak.

It was a midnight night and rare, being all together to share.

The air was sultry, a vivid sky gave light enough to enjoy where led.

Even when what Jesus said caused moments of doubt and dread,

that was surely not a warning of what lay ahead?

They continued until had each been fed.

But in holy hours of calm exchange the unfolding of

the Lord’s prediction of one of them who would choose betrayal,

brought the meal to a close with HIS call to them so soft,

to remember the creed of bread and wine,

a covenant of his blood from the love vine

as his blood would flow to enable us to grow in faith

through the remembrance of his sacrifice,

with constant, ongoing communion, to always suffice,

to always and forever to bless our spiritual life.

A sacred tribute to the bread and wine ,of dying for us.


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