Assurance and Safety


Created in His Image. God is complete, and we are complete in Him.

God’s creation was complete, every emotion that He has, we possess.

God is holy, we are expected to be holy. .1 Peter 1 verse 16:

“For it is written, Be holy, because i am holy”.

God can choose: Jeremiah 1 verse 5:

“I chose you before i formed you in the womb:”

So we can also choose: Joshua 24 verse 15:

“Choose for yourself today the one you will worship.”

We are given the power of choice, because it is an attribute of God. God choices are out of His Holiness, because He is holy. Our choices should be out of His Holiness in us.

His creation was complete in the garden of Eden. His creation lived in a beautiful place God made for them to live. They had the capacity to use the attributes which were in the image of God. Unfortunately the inability to understand God’s love, lead them to not understand His Word.

Satan a created being too, but not made in the image of God, was created an Ark angel Lucifer, to administer in the kingdom. but being in the service of a Loving God was not good enough for him. Lucifer wanted to take over the kingdom Over stepping the authority God gave to him, he was kicked out of God’s kingdom.

Satan {Lucifer} tricked, God’s creation {that was created in God’s own image}, and made them choose a lie. Not knowing the enormity of God’s love, and not understanding The Words their loving God had spoken, they chose a lie.

The choice is ours again, because of what Our Lord and Our Friend did on the cross.

If we have chosen to serve and love Him, we have assurance and safety, but if we have not, we have fallen for the deception of Satan, where there is no love no assurance or no safety.

Choice for yourself today the one you will worship.

God Bless.


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