Faith In Action ‘Simple Trust’


Could have been called a simple lesson in paying taxes, but it was not just a lesson of paying taxes. Matthew 17 verse 24:

Jesus could have simply handed Peter a coin, and Peter would have known that God wants us to honor the government by paying taxes. But Jesus had more to show his friend.

Jesus has always got more to show us all, if we make the time to listen.

At Jesus’s instructions, Peter went down to the lake. Peter a fisherman was most likely bewildered by what Jesus asked. Perhaps even shook his head at the strange instructions, but he obeyed.

Obeying Jesus is a wonderful way live, out His Kingdom in this world.

Peter pushed out his fishing boat, cast out his net. Peter’ mind might have been troubled by the ridiculous idea. But Peter laughed with astonishment as the first fish he pulled out, had a coin in it mouth.

What a wonderful way for Jesus to teach Peter that He is The Fishing Director and Creator of everything. Peter surely never forgot, what he considered silly instructions, had an unbelievable ending in finding the money to pay the tax in a fishes mouth.

This would have certainly been one of the most interesting fishing tales ever told by the disciples.

Except we become as little children, Mark 10 verse 15:

“I {Jesus} assure you, Whoever does not welcome the Kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it”.

Faith and trust in the Little things will lead us all to bigger things in the Kingdom of God.

God Bless.


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