Showing The World


Jesus always continued to show the world what His Kingdom look like, He encounters opposition. The Religious of the day seek to trap Him.

When Jesus heals a demon-possessed man {Matthew 12 verse 22}, the Pharisees accuse Him of using dark forces to do it. Today people believe in the power of darkness, more than they do in the real source of light God Himself. Jesus logically argues that Satan, the prince of darkness, wouldn’t cast out darkness Satan likes to spread his darkness of deceit.

Jesus explains there is a great conflict going on and anyone who is not on His side is against Him. Using parables Jesus teaches about the Kingdom of God. Parables about a farmer, weeds, a mustard seed, a hidden treasure, and a fishing net. Jesus uses parable so that those who want to hear can more easily absorb the truths of God’s Kingdom and those who are not ready will not be able to understand.

If we are to show the world, more about the Kingdom Of God, we should be willing to ask for more understanding in the things we have trouble understanding ourselves.

The Religious of the day consistently opposed Him with man-made religious rules. And Jesus consistently rebukes them. Jesus is after pure hearts, people are willing to live for Him, despite whether circumstance are good or not around their lives, and not just outwardly expressions of a pure life.

Nothing about any of us is pure, it is only in and through what Our Lord and Our Friend, achieved on the cross, we can enter into His purity, and it is In Him {Romans 8 verse 1} that we can show the world we live in a different kingdom.

God Bless.


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