Insights Into Ephesians


Paul in writing Ephesians is prompted by God, because just as it is in our day there is more going on in the world, than just what we are able to see.

The letter was intended to be read by more then just the Ephesians. Ephesus is steeped in a culture of magic. The city is known for magic performances, incantations and godless worship.

People came from all over the place to Ephesus, to visit the temple of Artemis. God wants His followers to know that sorcery and paganism in Ephesus are not just a part of their culture, they are a dangerous part of a spiritual battle that is going on between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. They lived in the middle of this battle and we today still live in the middle of this battle but God has armed us all for.

As believers, we along with the people of Ephesus, have been given every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus and have been adopted as God’s children. There are spiritual realities about our creator God and His kingdom that are deep and mysterious and true, and His Holy Spirit mysteriously lives in us, endowing us with the very power of God.

Christ Jesus is high above all the powers in the world, and we are seated with Him, and can use His authority as we are also IN him [Romans 8 Verse 1}. Through Paul writings, Our Lord and Our Friend issues a challenge to us, to live out these realities because we are in the middle of a spiritual battle against the forces of darkness and evil, A battle these powers of darkness have lost, because of what Jesus did on the Cross for us.

As a result of the fall {Adam and Eve disobeying God}, we became captives of the kingdom of darkness. Through Jesus and empowered by His Spirit, God has brought us into His Kingdom of light. Now we are informed about the spiritual battle that is going on, we are equipped for the battle, and asked to advance God’s Kingdom with Him until the final victory is completed. Until Our Lord and Our Friend sets the world right and brings us all home to be with Him forever.

In Ephesians The Apostle Paul summarizes his Gospel of Salvation by Grace through faith alone, and describes the nature and role of the church {Body of believers} in God’s eternal plan.

What A beautiful letter Ephesians is, this is just an insight into it, there is much more Our Lord and Our Friend wants us to know, read it afresh today.

God Bless.


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