Insights Into The Book Of Micah


Another message from ‘Our Insights Series’, the Book of Micah.

Micah’s message alternates between prophecies of doom and prophesies of hope, the them of righteous judgement and loving deliverance. The message of Salvation, God wants us all to turn to Him and live for Him.

God wants His people to know that He sees all of their injustices. He sees how their judges are unfair, how their prophets take bribes and how their wealthy are unjust and steal what doesn’t belong to them..

God calls His people to court. In God’s creation, all things respond to the sound of His voice. He calls the mountains as witness as He lays out His charges. the people guilty was obvious.

Like it says in Romans 3 verse 23: “For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God”.

But as God speaks His punishments trough Micah, He can’t help but look, past them to the distant future when He will rebuild. He follow up every punishment with a beautiful future promise.As the punishment for His peoples sins, God is going to destroy Jerusalem. But He is going to rebuild it, and nations. and they will stream to it to hear how His Good Heart.

We were crated live in relationship with a loving God, but bad choices can take us way from the Goodness He has for us all

The future for People who choice to accept Him, as their Lord and Their Friend is bright. not because of our goodness, but because of His. The great King ‘delights to show mercy” Micah 7 verse 18:

Sure Micah is a book on judgement, but it is also a book on restoration. The choice is ours, and it can be found in what God promised back back then, being readily available in John 3 verse 16.

God Bless


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