Insights In The Book Of ‘Genesis’

genesis 01

Continuing our series on Insight from book of, this insight is from Genesis.

Genesis is a book of beginnings that introduces themes of the Bible as Creation and Redemption.

Genesis is God’s introduction, the author of Genesis is not identified in the book, it is an integral part in the Pentateuch the first 5 books of the Bible, Genesis to Deuteronomy.

God pours a myriad of creatures on the earth and makes a man and a woman to be His friends. His creation made in His i mage to be His friends.

But God has an adversary in one of His fallen Archangels, Lucifer, who fell because he wanted to be like God. Lucifer becomes an enemy because without God’s love there is only the opposite evil, and he wants to hurt God. Lucifer knows that he is not as powerful enough to defeat God directly, so he finds another way to hurt God’s heart by going after what God loves the most, the people, His friends.

God wants people to know and love Him. The enemy seeks to turn their hearts away. Lucifer succeeds in the form of a snake, God’s friends do betray Him.The result is they fall under a deadly curse and are infected with a fatal disease ‘sin’ damaging the connection they had with God. But God is never caught off guard and has a plan and promises to restore them

Genesis shows us who God is, a triune God, Genesis 1 verse 26; ‘Let us make mankind in Our image.”. Genesis shows how our world started and why life is the way it is. We are deeply loved, yet all deeply broken, separated from the God who designed us to be closer to Him.

Through Genesis, er find that the fundamental plot-line of human history is one that is written in the longings of our heart. Life doesn’t feel quite right, but that is because we are far from the One from Whom our hearts were made. Our God who loves us deeply started a plan, for any ‘Whosoever’ who wants to come back, can. That is why God’s Son came, to pay the price we could never pay, to come back ourselves.

Genesis is the beginnings, where creation had free choice , and chose badly, now through the cross, we have a choice again, to have fellowship and friendship with God.

God Bless


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