Endurance Produces Character


Endurance produces character.

The dictionary says, ‘Endurance is an ability’. We have been created with the ability to endure.

Romans 5 verse 4: “Endurance produces proven character, and proven character produces hope”.

In Romans 5, after Paul reminds us of tenets of our Faith. Paul turns suddenly to the subject of suffering. Suffering! Paul knows that we live in a world that is not as God made it to be. Through suffering there is gain, that doesn’t sound right.

Paul goes on the explain, that through suffering they will gain the Christ-like attributes of perseverance, character and hope. Suffering is not something we welcome, and perseverance is a trait we would rather get as a gift from Or Lord and Our Friend,

Perseverance, requires endurance and is one that we will all need to develop over time. Suffering! I am sure you will all agree, just let us have peace, that will help us learn to endure just as good.

But peace isn’t the passive quality of not being bothered, it is active quality, and a participant in God’s work in His Creation. This is the peace Our Lord and Our Friend gives us, it is a quality of having it altogether with God, and when we have it all together with Him, we can endure anything that comes our way. We must also let this Peace that our Lord and Our friend gives, grow in us to pave the way to having it all together with ourselves and with others.

Our character is formed day in day out, which is an enduring process, and sometimes suffering is apart of that process We should never let any of the circumstances that come along in our lives, overcome us

Remember our bodies are the temple of The Holy Spirit, and He is our comforter, and with His help, we will have the strength to make it through any circumstances, whether it be suffering, persecution, pain, mistreatment or any other troubling thing.

Our Lord and Our Friend never leaves us unequipped. sometimes our journey through life might not be easy, but we should always be better for the experiences, because our endurance to get through will forge greater character in us as a testimony to Him.
God Bless



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