Weekend Inspiration


Again we would like to thank Lorraine for providing us and allowing us to use her wonderful work.

Here is another beautiful song by Lorraine called, ‘Hear My Whisper, Lord.

Lord, lend me, Your listening ear

The Prayers of my heart I can not speak aloud

Too many of Your people hurt, so dear

On earth everyone is suffering, sorrows abound.

Sickness and strife, families cry at night

Drugs and injuries, lifestyles spit in crime

Children, teens not right

Helpless, hungry for love without rhyme.

Loved ones murdered or slain in hate

In the name of fanatical demands

We do not know how to cope in this fate

Our hopes futile as if in remand

Trust and love, accept Your Words

Yet doubt creeps in as hurt and loss

Affect daily life, collides with Your world

Strength, Your power and love, The Cross, the dross.

Lord, give us more faith as we shed our tears

To focus on how we should be led,

Focus on how for us You bled,

To save our souls, as sins so sear and wear.

So in silence I plead and with others true to You

These prayers we arrow up to Your Holy Spirit ear

Trusting and knowing you hear each clue

As to what answers we need so we can bear

The burdens, the Pain and the fears

Lord, Lend me Your Listening ear.

Be Blessed

Be blessed today and every day,

From your Friends at mylordmyfriend.com

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