Weekend Inspiration


As Why would God command us not to be terrified if it was impossible to overcome terror?

God has given us healthy and holy fears as gifts. Fear is productive and protective.

God has given us fear to help keep us alive and safe, but not to be bound by. The Bible teaches us to fear the Lord. Yet, this is not the “spirit of fear” but the spirit of worship (Matt. 10:28). The one, who fears God the most, loves Him the best (Prov. 1:7). The fear of the Lord is a clean fear not a filthy fear (Ps. 19:9; 89:7). Godly fear is holy. God is awesome, not awful!

It is a time to be alive in our faith, in the one Who paid an extraordinary price for us.

It is time, and we will use one of the many poems Old Fellow John has written, for further inspiration.

1.Wake up you sleeping Christians,

It time to make a stand.

Rally to the voice of God,

That echoes across the lands.

2. Stand up and be accountable for Jesus.

The Name above all Names

.Plant the seed of faith and truth.

Without your guilt or shame.

3. It’s time for us to live our faith.

Worthy of His calling.Set

all our eyes upon The Lord Most High.

Look to Him to guide our steps, never failing.

4. The Lord is there before us

How do we  fail to see?

He’s standing there with arms stretched forth.

To receive all those who will believe.

5. Why slumber in complacency?

From which Satan takes delight.

Rise up and fight the fight of faith,

And give old Lucifer a well deserved fright.

6. Lets make the devil start running

,For he has had his was too long.It’s

Christ Jesus who we should be following.

It’s God to whom we belong.

7. Can’t we  see the signs so telling,

The coming of Our Lord is near.

But it we live as He showed us to,

Then in His presence we have nothing to fear.

8. Let everything we do,

Be done in the Name of The Lord.

Let everything that we say.

Be backed up by His Word.God

Bless. O F J.

Be Blessed Today And everyday

From Your Friends At mylrdmyfriend.com

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