Weekend Inspiration


Easter a time to reflect what Jesus did for us, and what we can do for Him.

John 3 verse 16: {Amplified Bible}

“For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He {even} gave up His only-begotten {unique} Son, so that whoever believes in {trust, clings to, relies on} Him shall not perish —come to destruction, be lost—but have eternal {everlasting } life”.

God can love us without our loving Him back, but without our loving back, His joy isn’t full. In that way, He needs our love. Reflective moment to think about the fact that Jesus needs your love? What impact does it have on you to know that there’s a place in His heart that only you can fill? How does it change the way you think about prayer {communication with Him}.

We were all created individuals, for individual acceptance of God’s love through Christ Jesus. Just as there is a space in our heart, before we accept Him, a place He made in each of our lives, for The Holy Spirit to dwell. The hole can only be filled by repentance for the wrong-doings {sin} in our life that keeps us separated from Him, and acceptance of the great love God has for us John 3 verse 16:

God never made mistakes in His Creation, so there is a space, for any ‘whosoever’ who is willing to come. Because He said He knew all of us before we are born, and He would love all to come, through repentance and acceptance. For the people that don’t make this life changing choice, there will always be a space in His heart while He waits for them to  come.

Doesn’t that fact, make you want witness to  more people, so their special created place for them, in Him may be filled.

God Bless.

O F J.

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