Weekend Inspiration


The God Of The Cross

He hung there bleeding drop by drop,

His head bent, His bones broken aloft,

Just for us, for us,

In His father He Held total trust.

As death took Him with last sigh

Suffering for all, just for us

Our sins He bore nigh.

The Book of Life tells of other pain read,

where loss and heart have bled and so said.

The Spirit of love was cut and like Job

whose former life was by God shred

but He clung to His belief with many a sob,

true to His Christ He clung to the path he did tread,

receiving restoration of all God’s trials he had trod.

So it is often, with us fragile souls,

just for us. just for us. God leads us to fall into holes

of dark pits, cracked hearts, pain, tears and sorrow,

to search for the wisdom we need His truths to borrow,

as His lessons are taught us with His Holy permission

to shed light to us fo mercy like heavenly contribution,

God answers our petitions just for us. just for us.

Be Blessed,


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