Weekend Inspiration ‘Bible Thoughts’



The Word of the Lord and reading of the intricate passages within the Bible has an awesome impact on one’s individual life.  There is such a contrast of shifting behaviors, of experiences and time frames between the Old and New testaments.  Both are a testimony to faith yet the Old Testament records, to my eyes, battlefields, contradictions and a harsh, controlled environment at times.  Compared to the lessons of love and compassion of Jesus and his believers who followed him, it seems to me, a separate and different recording of the era and action as created.

The God of the ‘Old’ was the total authority in constant war with the people to give up their ways of turning their back on their God.  Their sins, their divisions and rejection of spiritual commands evoked often God’s anger and wrath to a conclusion of punishment.  In retaliation, banishment from his presence was frequent and consequences as bitter as sour as rancid goat’s milk.  God’s people in the Old Testament were given chance after chance to return to him.  However much he blessed them, they continued to go against his laws, to deny their guilt, to commit violence and battle other tribes and to steal their wealth and women.

God despaired but proclaimed vengeance was to be his.
Although similar events are read in the New Testament, somehow, from my perspective, with the coming of Jesus our Lord, with his ultimate sacrifice to death on the cross, there is a deeper humane purpose throughout the readings.  More forgiveness, more love, more truth with compassion and wisdom. Add in acceptance and ministering of strength and comforting healing, might I suggest the lessons taught in the New Testament, that those of us on earth can exchange a more one to one relationship as shared from God the father with his son, Jesus.

This Jesus died for us and his love flows with every experience and emotion we have, good or bad  After his time in the desert suffering, we are told that ‘Angels came to strengthen him’ and with mercy he will do that for us.
The Bible is the truth of life and knowledge, of the Holy Spirit, a candle of love and light that will never go out.  Live by his flame.

be blessed

Lorraine 2017

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