Message From Nahum ‘Evil Will Not Triumph’


Evil will not triumph.

The theme of the book is the destruction of Nineveh, and Nineveh, Nahum means the entire Assyrian empire.

God is depicted in Nahum as slow but sure. God is ‘slow to anger’, but He will not leave the guilty unpunished. Evil will not triumph.

God is against any form of institutionalized barbarism and cruelty, and will bring His judgement upon it. god is also against those groups of individuals who threaten His people, and that he will judge them also.

God does Love everybody – in fact, God is Love. But love is not, despite what many people think, blind. to those who are cruel and heartless and brutal, they will be punished. Lets not forget these are harsh brutal people Nahum is talking about here.

These are not petty crimes, these are savage and brutishly cruel. God always gives people a chance to repent. Jonah went to Nineveh to preach, so no one is beyond God’s reach. there are always consequences for everything and there are consequences for those who will not repent.

In the first Chapter of Nahum. Nahum is a meditation of what God is like, for those who trust him. God provides a strong refuge, but for those who plot against him, He is an overwhelming force. Nahum 1 verse 11 Assyria had made evil plans against the Lord.

God does not delight in handing out punishment, in fact several times in the Bible it talks of Him weeping and shows Him reluctant to act. But God will act against the guilty, the universe demands it.

Love that just lets everyone do what they want is not love, but just a kind of uncaring.

Nahum message for today is; Speak up about wrong things, within your own circle  of influence. Check that your own faith is producing Spiritual truth. Give rather than store, share before you stockpile.

Read Nahum and enjoy.

God Bless



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