Weekend Inspiration


This ‘Weekend Inspiration’ is again a poem from our great friend of the ministry, Lorraine Szabo. Be greatly inspired as you read this wonderful poem called ‘i Remember A Night’.

I Remember A Night.

Silence deep as I awoke in the pre-dawn dark

Voices that whisper and entered my heart,

Dwelling and calling from beyond, I hark,

Of memories linking times of familiar parts.

Sleep escapes from until night sky,

life entices long ago lingering,

As the taste of changing years went by,

Cries of loss, sadness yet, lasting and clasped fingers.

Such a rainbow of living,

Like a film running across my eyes.

The loving, the caring and the giving.

Shared tears, scars, as heartaches came by.

I remember, I remember so well

Of the life I lived with them,

So many tales left in me to tell

Yet also many I had to swallow then.

For every image that comes to me,

Another  observers it quite differently,

From their prospective it may no be so

My version untold sufficiently.

I smile though as memories flow,

I then close my eyes, drift and ‘let go’.

Dawn will bring another day

Always changing in every way.

Lorraine Szabo

Be Blessed Today and Everyday.

From Your Friends at mylormyfriend.com

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