“Procrastination and timidity can easily become the enemies of life, representing covert struggles for avoidance of choices. Reluctance to commit seems to be endemic today, and not only in the sphere of relationships. The reason is not hard to find. In every choosing there is a small death, the death of possibilities. We prefer to keep our futures vague and our options open, in the hope that this may preserve our personal freedom.

Abstinence from commitment and decision seems a mechanism for keeping the future at bay. Ironically, the reticence to choice brings about that which is feared most — the tyranny of recurrent experience. The only hope of breaking unproductive cycles is to choose outside of them, and commit ourselves to a new and potentially difficult path. Here is a fundamental mystery which is built in fabric of the universe: life comes through death.

In the context of decision making, our pilgrimage forward into that which we might become requires the death of other options”.

This was an extract from a wonderful Book written, by Mike Riddell, called ‘Sacred Journey’ who is the brother of our great friend of the ministry Lorraine Szabo.

Lorraine gave me the book to read a while back and I have enjoyed reading it more than once.

We are all on a journey through life, there will be many choices that come our way, we can either procrastinate over them, or use them to bring Glory to the One Who in Whose Imagine we are created.

Not all choice are popular to us, but as we see in “The Story of The Rich Young Ruler’ in Luke 18 verse 18 to 26: What the young man had, meant more to Him, than what a life with Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend, could be understood by him.

But once we make that decision to follow by accepting Gods’ Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness through John 3 Verse 16; Procrastination is not an option to us, because we should grab with all we have the New-life, The New-hope, The New-purpose, and New-destiny, that immediately becomes ours.

God Bless.


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