Scripture Verse Of The Week ‘Ephesians 6 Verse 10’


Ephesians 6 Verse 10: “ Finally, me brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might”. {NKJV}

Paul introduces his writings on the armor of Go in his letters to the Ephesians. He tells us to be strong in the Lord and not in our own straight, but in the power of the Lord.

Experience tells us that there are two basic mistakes or traps Christians fall into. The first is we can become spiritually lazy. The second is not to trust the Lord. This short and concise command of Paul deals with both these.

To spiritually lazy Christians, treating Our Lord and Our Friend, like an arm chair to lie back in, without exerting themselves in the struggle to live a Holy life to which we are called.

To untrusting, who run around trying to live for Our Lord, being active, and just doing out of their own strength.

The Christian life does require effort, and requires us to be active. We need to be strong and stand firm. But our standing firm is an action of our faith, from which we actively display and use our faith.

We have a helper we are not to do this on our own, there is another force, the power of the Holy Spirit, carrying us forward like a wave and enabling us to live more and more as Christ Jesus would. want us to live.

We are to be strong IN the Lord and IN His mighty power. Our lives once we accept Him, are never about us, they are always about Him, and He gives us the strength and power to live in this newness of life.

God Bless.


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