Weekend Inspiration


This week, ‘weekend Inspiration’ is another from our wonderful friend of the ministry, Lorraine Szabo. Lorraine has written many poems, and we are blessed that she make them available to us. So enjoy this new poem from Lorraine called, Evening Hours.

Evening Hours

As the sun circled, lowered and bled

towards the silent sea, cooling shifting sands,

the fingers of shade sifted and spilled shadows

across the land.

Evening clouds of lavender shed their daylight robes,

sliding time into dark night for sigh at midnight,

in slow motion to swallow and suck

at passing passages.

Seeking solace in the slumber hours,

Sweeping stillness into a stirring of dreams,

as crescendo of cicadas  cease,

as birds nestle under feathers necks,

as moths beat wings to the call of owls.

A hush descends, breezes twist and touch

in gentle whispers of a caress.

Road ribbons meander in pre-dawn dust as

headlights and tires die away, few pass by.

Trees hover above earth undisturbed

except for minutes mice or  snuffling rabbit

amidst insect interlopers

scurrying in moist dew.

As a moon of sliced silver leaks to stain

chimney, painted roof and closed door, it

wraps around fences

of shimmering wire.

Evening songs capture serenades of solitude,

the peace of nature gives birth to new days to

travel future paths of universal life to be,

a journey sensing life

in the stillness of our souls.

C Lorraine Sazbo 2013

Be blessed Today and Everyday,

From Your Friends At mylordmyfriend.com


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