Scripture Verse Of The Week “John 4 Verse 39′


JOHN 4 Verse 39: “ Now many Samaritans from that town believed in Him because of what the woman said and she testified, ‘He told me everything I ever’.” did

The fact that the Bible mentions only this woman at the well is a noteworthy detail. Going to the well was typically a task women did as a group. Jesus’ request for a drink from her is a break in tradition for several reasons. In that day and time.  One: Men did not talk with woman in public.  Two Rabbis did not talk to women. Three Jews did not talk with Samaritans.

In John Gospel an added explanation, the phrase “have no dealings with”, meant that Jews would never ever touch a utensil of the Samaritan, for in doing so they would become unclean.

But here Jesus turns the tables {4 verse 10}. At the beginning of this conversation Jesus is thirsty and the woman has the source to quench His thirst. Now Jesus turns it to the fact that she is thirsty, and He has the source to quench her thirst.

The woman’s first responds with what is an obvious to her — Jesus doesn’t have anything with which to draw the  water. To her this is foolishness {4 verse 11 & 12}, She, like Nicodemus in Chapter 3, is missing a spiritual truth and responding to a physical impossibility.

What is significant tin this story, is who and what God uses to get His message across. The towns people believed the word of a woman, a woman who is probably a social outcast. Yet it is equally significant that as the people spend time with Jesus, they recognize the truth of Who He is in a way that His own townspeople hadn’t.

The stories are real. The changed lives are real. Jesus didn’t come to just stir tradition, He came to transform everybody, Who would listen to Who He really is.

A little insignificant lady, got a transforming message from the Messiah, not only her life was changed, but she went and found others, and there lives were changed too. Isn’t our message about Him too, and the transforming change He wants to bring to any willing ‘Whosoever’‘ {John 3 v16}

God Bless.


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