Everyday People Of Interest From The Bible {New Segment}


We have a segment on People of Faith, who have displayed wonderful faith but we believe we should start a segment and Everyday People,of Interest from the Bible. We might not get to hear much about these people, but we can see how the hand of God was on them, despite their weaknesses.

We read in 2 Chronicles 13 verse 3 to 12, about a character called Abijah. Abijah became King of Judah, we suppose that really doesn’t make him ordinary, and he not to be confused with Abijah, one of Samuel sons, who with his brother Joel, was a corrupt judge in Beersheba. Because of the corruption, Israel’s leaders demanded to be ruled instead by a king {1 Chronicles 6 verse 28}

Abijah alternate name was Abijam, King of Judah. Abijah was the son of Rehoboam, was picked by his father because of his proven ability {2 Chor 11 verse 22} but he was not a godly man. Abijah may have had David’s blood flowing in his veins, but he didn’t have Davids’ heart beating in his breast.

But Abijah knew his history and had a faith in what God had, said to Moses and David. He ad the courage to preach a sermon to Jeroboam and his army of 800,000, which was close to twice as large a the army of Judea. Abijah preach from Mount Zenarrain, a prominent place located at the border between Benjamin and Israel.

Abijah opened the sermon by reminding Jeroboam that David’s lines was the true royal dynasty as stated in God’s unchanging covenant with David {2 Samuel 7}  Abijah {Abijam} shouted a sermon of condemnation, political deviousness and religious idolatry. {2 Chorn 13 v 12}

Abijah’s life paints a picture of most people today, have a great ambition, not a Godly people, but most have been brought up knowing history and faith, Have a faith in God, and when problem arrive, even though they claim not to be believers, use God to talk to in prayer. Abijah and his army prayed for God’s help in their precarious military position. Our God who always answers, sometimes in a way we don’t want or expect, delivered Abijah and his army through a way out of an ambush with a stunning victory. {2 Chornicles 13 verse 13 to 19}

Like Abijah {Abijam}, Ouir Lord and Our Friend knows our abilities because He created us with them. We may all have basic history and have basic understanding of faith in God, and be able to believe, He can help us in time of need.

But Our Lord and Our Friend, has created us for much more, and He can use our abilities in His Kingdom, because He has plans for us, Jeremiah 29 verse 11. He can use any of us, if we learn to trust Him more. John 3 Verse 16, any ‘Whosoever’ is invited to come to Him.

God Bless.


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