Weekend Inspiration


Once again we want to thank Lorraine for one of her inspiring poems, this one is called:


Struck by waves that crush and crash
stirring sand, shell and soul.

Moth eaten days have eaten up hours, memories and minutes,
pour from holes in sighs like rivulets.

Nights are sleep altered
as thoughts torment and smash,
swallowing, sucking where reason is shadowed.

Steps, like strips of stone echo to the confusion of concrete
walls of your wilted will.

A twisting and turning of directional dreams
lost amidst the street maps, the pathways
you took for living and being.

The longings for escape, to hide from decisions of coping,
of control seeking release in freedom without fear.

To search for slumber on sun soaked grass
or to slide across unknown spheres in silence
beneath skies of gold, deleting mistakes..

To uncover cool, soft winds that hear your crying,
and caress your wizened, fragile soul.
That this alone will scatter and shatter your breaking point

As your scarred feet run and run
until the race is won
and dreams are fulfilled under earth’s sun.
The breaking point dies undone.

Lorraine Szabo 2014

Be Blessed Today And Everyday.

From Your Friends at mylrdmyfriend.com

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