One definition could be, ‘Abandoned to self and in self’. The words of the hymn ‘Amazing Grace’, which millions of people sing, ‘I once was lost but now I am found, blind but now I see’.

Luke Chapter 15: The Parable of the Lost sheep, The Parable of the Lost coin, The Parable of the Lost son.

Three words we can draw from this chapter; Lost. Found, Rejoice. Jesus used these Parable to answer the accusations of the Pharisees and the scribes who were highlighting Jesus’ behavior. It was bad enough that Jesus welcomed these outcasts and taught them, but He went and ate with them. Sharing a meal, was virtually have communion with them, which we come realize when Jesus broke brad with His disciples later in the Gospels.

The religious leaders did not yet understand that the Son of Man, ‘came to seek and save those who are lost. Luke 19 verse 10. Could go far as to say, they were still blind to the fact that they themselves are among the lost.

This chapter in addition makes it clear that there is one message of Salvation: God welcomes and forgives repentant sinners.

The Parable of The Lost Sheep, helps us understand something about what it means to be lost. To begin with it means being out of place, the sheep belong in a flock under the care of a shepherd. Jesus is our shepherd if we are for forgiveness and accept Him.

Being lost also means being out of service, what is lost has no value unless, it is found, To explain that some what, the sheep had a value, the coin had a value, but unless they were found, they were as good as a write off in business terms.

A lost sinner cannot experience real value, unless they experience the value Our Lord and Our Friend has for our lives, that is why He said, ‘He has come, to seek and save those who are lost’. A lost sinner cannot experience the enriching fulfillment God has for all of us in Christ Jesus.

It is easy for us today, to read these parables and take the words for granted, but the message is clear, God actually searches for lost sinners. When we look at the three parables, if the sheep was lost through foolishness, the coin lost though carelessness, the son was lost through willfulness, we could say that foolishness, carelessness ans willfulness lead to lostness.

Let these three words, never be found in our walk with Our Lord and Our Friend, so we never miss any of the enrichment He has for our lives.

God Bless.


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