Excitement From Jude


Jude was a brother of the Lord. Second Peter and Jude are very similar in thought and language. The letter was written to encourage Christians to stay strong in the faith, and regret false teaching. It was written at a time when the church was established and still growing.

The letter starts with almost a hint of regret, Jude wanted to write an upbeat letter. the Letter about positive encouragement about the salvation we all share, but Jude is forced to deal with problems. the letter instead celebrating the great message we have, is about a determination and need to reject false teaching.

Jude talks about “this godless people” who are saying that because God is a God of grace “it is right to be immoral”’ and because they have been saved and forgiven, tthey assume they are free to do anything they want.

What church is without them today. They are with us but not of us. Christ will judge these evil people as he did the fallen angels.

Godless people     –  worldly

Change the Grace of our Lord into a license for immorality   – carnal

Deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord       –  Skeptical

Grumblers and faultfinders     – Critical

Flatterers of others for there own advantage      –  Flatters

Follow mere natural instinct and do not have the Spirit    – Immoral

In contrast to these evil people we find the true believers of Jesus Christ { Our Lord and Our Friend}.

The true foundation was Jesus Christ.

Praying in the Holy Spirit Verse 20

Keeping the love of God verse 21

Waiting for God’s mercy verse 21

Winning souls {witnessing for Him} verses 22 and 23

Resting in the Lord verse 24

Purpose of Jude “defending the Faith and challenging false teaching”.

As long as Satan is alive and well, false teachers will threaten the church with error. Do what we must to know the truth.

Complacency is not an option for Christians. We are to earnestly content for the faith.

God Bless


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