Faith In Acxtion ‘Don’t Be Deterred’


Done be put off, by what people tell us, we can’t do. There are people who are always willing to tell us what we can’t do, who give very little encouragement as to what we can do.

Build yourself up on  Scriptures:

Philippians 4 verse 13; “I am able to do all things through Him Who strengthens me”.

Galatians 3 verse 27 to 28:  V27 “For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ”. V28 “there is No Jew or Greek, salves or free, male or female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus”.

So you see if we are in Christ, there are no differences in race, and there are no differences in gender, we can’t be told we can’t do something because of who we are, WE ARE ALL ONE IN CHRIST JESUS.

In Christ means to have come to Him through Repentance,{because we were all born into sin} and Acceptance, {Because The Father purposed Salvation for us}. This is more than belonging to a club or organization, we belong to the Kingdom of God. Our King is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Acts 21 verse 8 and 9: This is the story of Philip the Evangelist,and his family. It was reported about Philip that he had a creative spirit that heightened everything he touched. In his life one would find no evidence of spiritual staleness in his life. He was spiritually alert, spiritually alive, and spiritually creative.

Our text today tells us that he had four unmarried daughters who prophesied. We must not of course, ignore the work of The Holy Spirit in the daughters lives. But they were Philip daughters, and we can see the influence that Philip had as a Godly man on his daughters.

When you consider the society in which these woman were born and raised, was male dominated, they somehow knew because of the influence of their father {Philip} they could do all things through Christ Jesus.

These young women did not stay at home and lament the fact that they were not married. If they could not be creative on a physical level, they could be creative on a spiritual level. Some of the greatest work of The Kingdom of God has been done by the spiritual descendants of the daughter of Philip.

This just shows us all how in their example, they as single woman may have had their creativity blocked on one level but have released it on another level.

If we dare to believe Our Lord and Our Friend will make away, for all of us to be creative and contagious for Him.

God Bless.


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