Weekend Inspiration ‘Stillness’


Once again we want to thank Collen for use of her poem, “Stillness’ Colleen writes her encouraging, poems and articles under the name Lorraine Szabo. Collen has written many inspiring articles, so we hope you all enjoy this poem ‘Stillness’.

1. In the stillness, I see.

Shrouded clouds, like dark blood.

Paint storm struck skies, I want to flee

From a deluge that again brings a flood.

I feel such fear,

As I do in life, so near

Do I hear a whisper, clear,

“I am here’,

2. The thunder roars

And haunts my heart,

As past memories enter and sour.

I cringe, I doubt, so tear me apart.

Not again could I bear strife,

Or the loss. fear fills me, bares,

And I freeze, as I do in life,

Louder I hear, ‘I am here’

3. But my ears seem deaf as the rain

Batters the earth and swift rivers form

And arise to nurture my fear train.

Skin crawls as I expect to mourn,

In doubt and always the fear, Watching and hoping it will subside

Then the wind drops with a sight I hear,

I hear Him whisper, ‘I am here’.

4. Rainbows of sun peers through spaces,

Rain washes away in streams of spray.

Storms abates as in life but I did not pray,

I sensed the peace, as I heard God say,

‘I told you I am here to stay’.

To trust and believe as I should,

He is always with me as no one else could.

5. But Gods’ love will wash away tears,

No need ever to doubt.

His mercy will shout,

His suffering taught us much,

He knows you just need His touch.

Do not fight storms of life

Or troubles and of much strife

God knows how to heal the holes

Just listen to the ‘I Am here’ of Gods soul.

6. In stillness, in the shelter of a rock,

God will hide you with His Palm,

Time will not pass as in tick tock

But the singing song of a psalm

Will chant past your ears to soothe

Your hurting sorrow, so do rest,

As you feel His Peace so smooth,

No more need you endure the test.

Know that eternally, our God whispers.

“I Am Here‘ Bur you must hear.

Lorraine Szabo c2014

Enjoy and be blessed, today and everyday.

From your Friends at mylordmyfriend.com

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