He has Risen ‘Indeed’


The Lord has Risen, ‘He Has Risen Indeed’

It is time to share the Great and wonderful news.

Without the Fact of the Resurrection, the cross would have been a great disaster. If Christ did not rise from death, our faith is in vain, but the assurance of Salvation, gives us the assurance He has Risen.

Christians have risen with Christ. The Resurrection is a great an impact as it was in Bible times as it is now. Of course they were about the first disciples, But the the resurrection is also about His followers today.

It is time to share this great and wonderful news. Resurrection brings about New Life In Christ, we all can have.

Come walk with Him on the Emmaus Road: Luke 24 verse 13.

Share Communion with Him: Luke 24 verse 30.

Come to him with all our grief and sorrow, as Mary did, and she found the Risen Lord: Luke 24 verse 3.

Come to Him with all your  doubts, as Thomas did: John 20 verse 24 to 29.

Come invite Him, to be Our Lord, Our Savior and Our Friend. and be given the Assurance, that through the Resurrection, nothing can separate us from Him. Romans 8 verse 35.

Easter is an inspiring time, and I received great inspiration from a young lady, who I consider family. She posted ‘He Is Risen’ on Saturday on her Facebook page. If that is not inspiring enough, for a young person to post, her comments were, ‘This was meant to be tomorrow, but I couldn’t wait any longer to put it up. How exciting it is for young people, to Encounter The Risen Lord, and be prepared to witness for Him. Well done Sarah.

We can be taught about the Risen Lord, but it might never lead to us Encountering Him as The Risen Lord. That comes from asking Him and wanting to follow Him, no matter where that leads.

God Bless.


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