An Easter ‘Inspiration’

earter guest

We had the privilege, of meeting a wonderful lady called Lorraine, who had written many inspiring articles, in Pastor Tony and Helen’s Church. We were extremely blessed that she told us we could use her articles on My Lord My Friend.

Lorraine has written a poem, called Take This Cup Father.

Take This Cup Father.

Alone, in the purple stillness, he fell to the ground,

away from His disciples, He communed in prayer

With human agony, as none others had stayed around.

Sweating blood, He pleaded into His Father’s ear.

Slumped in the Gethsemane Garden in soaking dew,

He bled His heart to beg, let this cup go, please not so?

Wrestling and tossing, lifting these moments so few,

Arms stretched out, cries too deep for words to sow.

He arose to seek out those He knew so well, to share,

Seeking their comfort and solace of hope strong

But twice He found them deep in sleep, yet again not a care,

Speechless and unknown to Him what was wrong.

Shaking His head with whispers of gentle rebuke,

He returned to His Father to beseech and to weep.

Could they not stay awake for one hour, even Luke?

This then was the price to pay with much sorrow to reap.

My heart burned at such pain, of rejection and in justice He bore.

‘Lord’ I cried out, ‘I will will watch for you this one hour.’

My love for Him then He would know, yet God’s destiny must soar

Above earthly expectations, to demand the death’s power.

Spent and rent, Jesus gathered His robes, His reality He faced,

As He awoke the sleeping group whose guilt shamed and broke

In sighs of repentance, heads hung, as time lay cast and unlaced.

They abandoned Him, enough was enough, not once awoke.

Hearing the soldiers shouts piercing the night sky,

His followers scattered and left Jesus soaked but tall.

As He entered the divine plan without a cry;

His universal uniqueness spun the world into life’s fall.

Death approached in an appointed surrender of God’s will.

My heart floundered in fear for what lay ahead.

I would have watched with you Lord, I said, so still

But would I have really suffered in this betrayal of bread.

Would I too have left Him this way, abandoned in agony, so soon?

Just to hear Him say, ‘ENOUGH!’ Just for one small hour?

Under a midnight of blood moon, shadows clouding every room,

Forewarned of nails embedded in His flesh on a cross of wood  tower.

A light  left the heavens that bitter day

As  God fulfilled the suffering of His Beloved Son.

That no human watched out for to hear Him say,

ENOUGH! I cannot stay, I AM HE, THE ONE.

I will seek and search your soul,

To give you love and life in abundant vines,

To bind up each empty hole,

To surround you in unending peace,

that entwines,

never to cease, forever for eternity,

in overflowing wines.

As foretold, the shadow of the cross scans every land.

The imprint of His torn body and hand in drop by drop blood

The scars and the weeping remain with us as do centuries of sand,

Yet His sacrifice poured Holy Spirit hope into each heart like a flood,

In changed lives He raises us up to pass into His everlasting arms.

His Souls in His light in Whom we trust as precious as anointed balm.

Lorraine Szabo 2015

We thank Lorraine for her wonder Poem, may you all be truly blessed by it.

God Bless.

O F J.

P,S. We thank all you wonderful people that read our articles. Our Purpose and our intent is to Honor Our Creator God, and to help any ‘whosoever’ come to know Him  better. We are all on a journey through life, and if we each do our part of being an encouragement to others, the love He has for us all will be enriched.

We enjoy reading the many articles, that other God honoring people post. As it is Easter, a great and wonderful time to reflect on what, Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend has done for us, by paying a price we could never pay. We will be taking a few days off, from writing, but not from our devotional commitment to Our Loving God. We still would like to stand with you in any prayer request you may have, so please contact us with these if you feel led to.

Be Blessed Today and Everyday.

Your Friends at

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