Created For Excellence


A well known author once said, ‘if fish were made for water, what were human beings made for? The biblical answer surely is that if fish were made  for water, human being were made for love, for loving God and loving our neighbor’.

But like everything, the original purpose for human beings has been changed, and not for the better. First, humans beings tried, to forget about, and even deny the existence of God. Human beings have become so self-absorbed, they even forget about others around them.

But humans beings have not forgotten about, worship, perhaps God is not now the center point of worship, and worship of less life producing, which is getting more evident everyday.

The way we are created is In the Image of Our Creator. When we look at the moral attributes of God, we find in His Word.

We find that God is Holy. The perfect holiness of God speaks of absolute purity. He can not lie, because He cannot sin, nor tolerate sin {Wrong doing against His moral attributes}.

We find that God is righteous. Righteousness is God’s moral action against sin. Holiness demands actions, Righteousness is God’s Just actions against sin.

We find God is Perfect Love. God only has Love, God is Love, Love that comes through His Holiness and Righteousness.

Some people say it is about being good, than we are down to a definition of good. When our actions come from The God whose image we are created in, we have His Moral attributes, which is not so much about being good. It is about living in the image, we were created. That is destiny producing excellence, because excellence is His Best.

How do we produce this excellence, not through our own strength, but through His Grace that is sufficient for us. 2 Corinthians 12 verse 9:

God Bless.

O F J.

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