Faith Of Our Forefathers


John 3 verse 16; tells of God’s amazing love. Love that give us forgiveness. acceptance, assurance and destiny with purpose. We now have another great Hymn, sung down through the ages that declares that love. ‘O Love, That passeth Knowledge’.

V1: O love, that passseth knowledge,

O love, whose beam have shone

Through everlasting ages,

From God’s eternal throne;

What power Thy depths can fathom?

What tongue can speak Thy worth?

And yet Thou condescendest

To dwell with men on earth.

Chorus: O Love all love excelling;

Unnumbered hosts are telling,

In yonder blissful dwelling,

What Thou for them has done.

V2: O Love, that our redemption

Made perfect through the blood

Of Him whose life was offered,

To bring us near to God;

O Love, that now extendeth

A pardon full and free,

And bends with eyes of pity

On sinners such as we.

V3: We give our hearts’ devotion,

And grateful thanks we bring,

And lift our heart and voices, To praise Our Lord and King;

O Love, all thoughts surpassing,

What will our rapture be,

When, safe beyond the river,

Our souls are lost in Thee.

The great love that Our Lord, and Our Friend has for us, that not only our souls, but all we are, body soul,and Spirit, would get lost in Him.

God Bless.

O F J.

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