Excitement From Habakkuk


Excitement we might not associate with problems, but we can always associate it with The Word Of God.

A life without problems doesn’t really exist, but a life journey with the help of Our Lord and Our Friend will maker easier to handle the problems and troubles that come our way.

Habakkuk was a man with Problems. He lived in Judah in the days when violence and conflict were everywhere. {Nothing has seemed to have changed over the centuries of time}. This was not his real problem, his real problem was like what many people asked today, why is God allowing it?

Much of the book of Habakkuk is is more like private conversation with God, so the excitement we can glean from this is how much do we converse {Pray} with God. In the opening verse Habakkuk takes his problems to God. When we have problems we should do the same.

God’s sense of timing is different from ours, He always hears our prayer, but that does not mean things will always happen when or even how we expect. We must learn to rejoice in God for Who He is {All Mighty}, and not because He makes us happy or solves our problems.

Habakkuk concludes his book, by thinking about the great things God has done in the past. Habakkuk’s faith wins out  over his fear. Even in the face of all His problems around his life, he will still rejoice in His God.

The excitement we can glean from Habakkuk is to learn to rejoice, in Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend, so we, too, will find God is our strength and that we can rise joy above every situation in our lives.

Read Habakkuk afresh, not just as a story, but for what God is saying to us through it.

God Bless.

O F J.

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