What Do You Think?


We’ve all questioned God at sometime. In times of turmoil, loss or hurt it’s usually us on our knees crying out WHY GOD, WHY? Other times when we have itchy feet, or a pining for a relationship or money it’s usually WHEN GOD, When?

It’s not a new thing either, people of every generation have questioned God, even some of the most faithful people written about in the Bible. It’s like we just want to get a sneak peek of the motives He has behind our lives.

Some people, and it saddens me to say, will do nothing but question God, then question their faith in God, then question others faith in God. These people usually fall away and cite that God didn’t answer them, or maybe He didn’t answer them in the right way. It matters not, what the reasoning. It saddens me to see anyone fall out of Love with Jesus.

My question today is, do you think we ask to many questions of Him, especially when he has given us the resources of his word the Bible (His will in word form. (want to find God’s will for your life start reading!)), prophets, and prayer. Do you think in our questioning we can start to put a wedge between ourselves and God, because we are relying to heavily on being intellectually and emotionally satisfied? Do we really need to know anything else from God other than that, everything happens for a reason, he will work all the bad into good, and that ultimately he has our best interests at heart? Is it good of us to question God? How do we even know if we got our answer?

I know that’s a few questions, but I really feel like this is a subject we’re only just scratching the surface on. Remember folks, no right or wrong answers. Only answers. So please join us in this discussion.

What do you think?

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