Well Oiled, we Can Never Get to Much


Very early in my writings, I wrote about watching big oil tankers ships being brought into harbor. Again I found myself sitting near the river watching more great tankers docking at the wharves.

The ship I was watching had the very distinguishing markings of a country on the other side of the world. To think of the oceans, this majestic ship must have sail across just to get to my city, was even more awesome.

The construction of this ship, was a magnificent achievement, it need to weather the storms of great oceans, but more importantly it mission was to float, and float in such away that it crew and cargo would be safe on these long journeys.

We are all ourselves are fearfully and wonderfully created.

We are all created with purpose and destiny.

We are all created for a journey through life, through the vastness of the world and it systems.

The major difference in this majestic constructed ship, it had a life expectancy and would eventually be headed for the scrap heap., we have been created to live with God in eternity.

But if all we do, is float through life, we will most likely end up lost at sea, {the vastness of this world and it godless concepts}.

But just as this majestic vessel was constructed to carry great cargoes, we have been created to carry the presence of God.

God Bless.

O F J.

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