Special Guest Post: K.L. Harney – The Warrior… Zephaniah 317

It is with great pleasure that we round out this weeks posts, with a dear friend of the ministry. K.L. Harney is not only a true warrior women of God, but she has been a great inspiration on my Christian walk. Many a times, when I was younger than I am today, involved in children’s pastoring she and her husband took me under their wings, built me up, encouraged me, challenged me, and even cooked me some might fine dinners!

I pray that you’ll all open your hearts and soul’s and take in the beautiful words she has written for you, and find through it a greater walk with God, and a clearer understanding of His love for us. I know it took my breath away. As a show of your appreciation, we’d love for you to go and follow her blog and encourage her to keep writing. You can find her blog HERE.

Well that’s enough from me. Enjoy and be blessed – The Kid


Alone, broken and afraid, the warrior stood on the edge of
the battlefield. The day was yet to fully dawn. The moon
and sun were still passing each other in the sky, the stars
dimming as the sun drew closer and the moon farther away.
The only sound was the occasional trill of a bird. Not even a
breeze seemed to blow.

The warriors head was bowed. Tears would have fallen if
there was any left. Shoulders slumped,the warrior fell on
knees that days before had been used for prayer. But those
same knees now were weak, as was the warriors faith.

The battle had been long and strong and relentless. It had
started with many by the warriors side, but as the battle
raged, and the enemy ensued relentlessly, one by one the
warriors companions fell to the side. Some surrendered
in defeat. Some were captured. Some threw down their
weapons and ran. Yet still the warrior stood and fought,
and resisted. Drawing up out of his own strength he faced
each onslaught with courage and tenacity.

The enemy, after raging and cursing at the warrior, left
the battlefield with a promise to return. Gone to gather
more weapons. Gone to prepare for more assault. His eye
gleamed as he looked at the battered and broken warrior.
Soon he would be defeated…

On bent and weary knees, with head bowed, the warrior
heard a sound. Soft and gentle and peaceful. Like fresh rain
after a long drought the sound soothed and mended and

The song continued, piercing the warriors soul with echoes
of love and acceptance. A song of rejoicing.

Supernatural strength surged through the warrior. The song
was like food to a starving man. As the warriors soul was
filled so the mind and body of the warrior strengthened.
Salvation had come.

The song had reminded the warrior of the strength of the
weapons, the outcome of the battle. The song reminded
the warrior that love was the source of strength, the
greatest weapon that would overcome any enemies assault.
The song reminded the warrior that even on an empty
battlefield, the warrior was never alone.

The warrior looked towards the horizon.
Whatever came. Whatever weapons were used in this battle
that lay ahead, the warrior knew that the song was the
greatest weapon in the warriors arsenal.

The song of His King, sung over the warrior as the King
delighted in His loved one. Standing in the name of the
undefeated King, the warrior smiled.

The battle belonged to the King and the warrior would

The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will
take great delight in you, he will quiet you with His love, He
will rejoice over you with singing. ~ Zephaniah 3:17

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