The Easter Story As A Reflection


Starting with the Triumphal entry {Palm Sunday}                John 12.

Jesus’ enemies grow stronger {Jesus clears the temple}   Mark 11.

Enemies outside {Religious leader determined to get Jesus} Mark 12.

The enemy on the inside {Judas who was to betray Jesus} Mathew 26.

The Last Supper {Preparing the passover meal} Mark 14 & John 13.

Servant Heart {Washing the disciple feet}                          John 13.

Jesus’ arrest and trial {Arrest in the garden}         Mathew 26 & John 18.

The denial {I don’t know that man, Peter}                            John 18.

Jesus stand trial {The religious leaders have their way} Mark 15 & Luke 23.

Jesus’ Crucifixion {Road to Golgotha}                             Mark 15.

Jesus on the cross {he died for us}        Mark 15 & Luke 23 7 John 19.

And now the best part of all, because Jesus had had to die and He chose to, so we all can be free from the power of Sin and  Death.

Jesus’ Resurrection {He is alive}                                    John 20.

Take time this Easter to read the whole story of the Easter week. Jesus went through all of this out of His Love for us.

Jesus who was and is God, became incarnate in flesh, to die as one of us, so we can be free. The amazing thing is Jesus could have called it off and said that is enough and wiped them all out.

But His Love for us held Him to the cross.

Read and reflect on how Great His love for us is, this Easter.

God Bless.

O F J.

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