Faith In Action ‘Wholeness’


Wholeness seems to have taken on new meanings, in our cultures: Looking good. keeping fit, it is all about physical health. There seems to be an obsession.

Wholeness which includes our physical bodies, has another side, Spiritual Health. If we look at wholeness from the Gospel of Luke, it is Luke’s favorite theme, which is not surprising considering Luke is a Doctor.

Wholeness what does it mean? What does it mean to be made whole? This is what Luke believed when he spoke of Salvation. So it must be said. we can’t be completely whole until we accept by God’s Grace the Salvation He offers.

We live in a fallen world, and trying to fix fallen bodies, can only do so much for one’s wholeness. Acceptance of Our Lord and Our Friend is the start of a new journey in Him and with Him, the intensity of our working on our wholeness needs to increase.

The Gospel of Luke shows Jesus as concerned for people’s physical and mental health, Jesus was moved with compassion for those who were in bondage to disease or demons. Wholeness in terms of all-round health was His concern.

This means as His followers, we should be not only concerned with our own well being and wholeness, but for others who have not come to know the great Salvation, He has for them.

But like our Relationships, with Our Lord and Our Friend and others Wholeness is a continual process. Just as we need not over indulge in what we eat, and the need for physical exercise, we as His followers need  to have a regular intake of His Word, and to exercise our faith, and let our faith be an action, of all He is to us.

God Bless.

O F J.

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