Our Giving God


The source of our transformation, is not just spending money on some visual transformation, but from a Giving God, that is allowing us to be transformed into His likeness, in every area of our lives,

God’s giving is a reflection of His divine attribute, that encourages us all to imitate, John 3 verse 16; God gave His own Son because of His sincere love for us.

This supreme Grace, and undeserving Gift, God gave us through Christ Jesus is the motivation and the resource for giving, that transforms the life of any believer who is prepared to receives it.

We are being transformed into the likeness of Christ Jesus by The Holy Spirit, who indwells us, We are being transformed into the image of A giving God, who voluntarily laid down His life for us.

Beyond the thinking of worldly reason, Christ Jesus {Our Lord and Our Friend} gave up His divine prerogatives and gave Himself over to His rebellious human creations. He gave Himself to serve us with His Life, to endure us for in His sufferings, to pay for our sins by His death, to guarantee our life by His resurrection, and to equip us to become like Him in life by giving us The Holy Spirit.

Our wonderful giving God, The Father gave, The Son came and gave us new of life through His death and resurrection, and The Holy Spirit keep on giving comfort and help to us, as we are being transformed into the image of our Triune God.

Psalm 116 verse 12:

“How can I repay The Lord all the good He has given me”.

it is a question that every believer in God does well to ponder. God never demands that we pay Him vows. But it does seem reasonable that if we give gifts to our friends and associates as appreciation gifts, we should consider practical ways to say thanks to Our Lord and Our Friend, in response to all His benefits.

A practical way is: Allow ourselves to have Transformation int our  lives, that is pleasing to Him. But first we must give ourselves completely back to Him, so we can be used as instruments, for His transformational giving.

God Bless.


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